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email please tell us if you can report on a muhammad yunus fund


YunusFund is a Norman Macrae Foundation Project 1 2.  In parallel, we present our collaboration blogs on who will be youth's 10000 graetest job creators?


Norman was one of the west's most passionate pro-youth economists; yunus is the world's most passionate one. Norman's 1984 book on changing systems to empower the net generation to be youth's most productive offered a map of how to countdown 3 billion new jobs coming from bottom-up and open system designs


we aim to open source ratings on funds connected to yunus social business but not to microcredit (recommendation start with information offers) unless the latter is transparently defined in terms of long-term ownership ; we use the exponential ratings impact analysis which Norman used to celebrate youth entrepreneur futures at The Economist -we are looking for exponential impact and clarification of goal either in terms of job creation or purpose relevant to poverty museum race


if you have a fund that you wish us to include in our analysis please mail or phone our washington dc hotline ; many of our volunteer experts coincide with the editorial board of the journal of social business which is currently also mainly funded by Norman Macrae Foundation

 Yunus Funds in Japan -estimated over 20 million dollars (note) - ***** impact

Other major university-actioned fund - Scotland 

 Personal message from Dr Yunus Nov 2012: Now we'll have to focus on the young people.
Job creation should be at the centre of our attention.

Yunus Funds associated with US Social Business student competitions - too early stage to rate.

-student led funds - 1 winner of north carolina yunus sb competition 2012

 pennies youtubeCongratulations to NCSU’s Pennies 4 Progress,

state led funds - research ongoing on how these are being assembled in GA NC OR AL

 Yunus France Funds -we are aware of 3 funds connected to knowhow of grameen credit agricole

danone communities - a social business fund

2 funds registered in Luxembourg - as these are to date mainly 34 million euro funding of  microcredit we publish details on these in our journal  (latest funds strategy update JOSB year 2 issue 1 p119-120) but do not currently monitor at this web

 The Green Children Fund- as far as we know this is no longer collecting for Yunus. It completed what was the most successful funding by 2 young people (emerging pop stars) ...moreThe German Organisation Yunussb runs a mixed incubator-startup-fund-consultancy by region with these 2 cases  Haiti and Albania. We dont attempt to rate such combo ventures but recommend looking at the structure offered  & Albania SB youtubeMark Thornton , a professional funds developer has spent a month with yunus in bangladesh - and is aiming to develop a bangladesh and a middle east fund - we'll aim to trach this The EU 2012 conference on social business (convened by commissioner barnier, keynoted by yunus) claimed that social impact bonding was going to become a huge stream for funding replications of social business and job creation across europe- but we haven't yet seen any big practical leaps forward - pleas rsvp if you see some 

India's economic times:  MUMBAI: Professor Muhammad Yunus, the father of microfinance and chairman of the Yunus Centre in Bangladesh, has finally found a taker for his brand of social businesses in India. He is joining hands with the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A) to float a Rs 50-crore  (approx $10 mn) fund to seed social ventures. related references 1

more reports welcome!  


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rsvp  : Help YunusFund & Journal of Social Business identify top 10 dream teams - by top 10 youth goals for 2020 & 3 most trusted leaders helping to progress  goal  -ideas for youth's more urgent goals welcomed

 G1 End Poverty Developing World

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 G2 End Jobless Youth worldwideG3 End Carbon & Nuclear Footprints  G4 End Hunger (nutrition) & Thirst (water) G5 End Unecssary deaths of infants & mothersG6  End illiteracyG7 End arms races & lack of personal saftet G8 End zero sum business models G9 Celebrate smarter use of media and fame

G10 Celebrate  partnerships investing in net gen's sustainability exponentials 

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According to General Theory of Keynes:  increasingly only economics rules the world;

This begs the question which of two opposite ways round do people want globalisation to rule:

  • Top Down: Big gets bigger; speculative get more speculative, bubble economies like that Wall Street ended 2000s with
  • Bottom Up: Empowering purpose, sustaining community, investing in next generation, preventing risk from compounding, multiplying knowhow by bringing down degrees of sepration on life critical issues  

    leaves 2 opposite system round choices : the dismal macroeconomics of wall street, or the joyous microeconomics of sustainability exponentials rising- which future do you wish to globalise around your children's children?

  •   Out of London and around the world help build the largest investment fund investing in the net generation. Currently we are searching for correspondents examining how to empower increased productivity of youth (and most exciting goals for 2020) across partnership maps like:


    Integrating thriving carbon-zero and nuclear-zero economies Ashden<>Shakti<>Carter-Williams<>Interface

    chris macrae washington DC 1 301 881 1655 skype chrismacraedc

    family investment association  maps

    Wednesday, November 14, 2012

    Danone Communities
    Huge amount of information at
    To summarise

    this is the one fund (known to us anywhere in teh world)  that public (french) can actually buy
    into in a quasi- unit trust form ; currently by frech law it is structured as 90% fized interest savings and 10% investments in social businesses

    about 10 social business have been invested in

    while there is no dividend, in this fund if there is an equity gain, investirs may share in that.
    1:15 pm est 

    The Green Children Fund- as far as we know this is no longer colecting for Yunus. During the 18 months or so after Yunsu Nobel Prize, its issue of the hit single you can hear me now completed what was the most successful funding by 2 young people (emerging pop stars) ...this was assigned to the grameen eye clinic replicationin bangaldesh - the first sustainable social business model led by Yunus in Bangaldesh since 2005 (the time when he started to clarify social business modeling explicitly as opposed to being the way he preffered to launch divusins of graneen) which has successfully opened several branches. The GreenChildren have over 5 million views on youtube.
    12:53 pm est 

    Yunus Japan Funds ; Grameen Foundation UK
    Yunus Japan funds seem to have been bequested by one or 2 private philantropists. They have been used to help Kyushu be the one permanent university partner that Yunus has which helps scale significant projects - it works very closely with all Japanese aid networks and converges technological inputs.

    If you believe there are other universities that have scaled and converged projects of the same significance as Kyushu we welcome news

    News from Grameen Scotland: Recently Yunus appointement as Chancellor of Glasgow Caledonian has gravitated more permanence to its impacts resulting in the launch of -although this is mainly a microcredit fund we will track its impacts as a fund that can be monitiored fro scratch

    Glasgow Caledonian is a founding player in one of the most significant new social businesses- the Grameen Nursing College. However as multiple partners supply different contributions this doesn not appear to have a unified fund as such
    12:46 pm est 

    Wednesday, March 23, 2011

    The left hand column began as the list of the 99 organisations whose interactions helped the journal of social business to come together; it will be constantly updated as others contribute to worldwide youth's economic sustainability and desire to achieve heroic goals for 2020, none more exciting than race to poverty museums in every community
  • Yunus Centre
  • Grameen Trust
  • Grameen Phone
  • Fans of Queen Sofia
  • AshdenAwards
  • Groupe Danone
  • Intel Corporation
  • Danone Communities
  • HEC
  • ADIE
  • Microcreditsummit
  • GrameenCreditAgricole
  • Veolia Water
  • WholePlanetFoundation
  • TheGreenChildren
  • Jamii Bora
  • BASF
  • Carlos Slim Foundation
  • Kyushu University
  • Uniqlo
  • Glasgow Caledonian University
  • BRAC
  • Jamii Bora
  • SingForHope
  • MFIconnect
  • SocialBusiness Earth
  • Micious
  • Utime
  • Grameen Shakti
  • Grameen Solutions
  • Grameen America
  • Financial University Moscow
  • Grameen Creative Lab
  • The Simpsons
  • The-Hub
  • The Yunus Prize @ MIT
  • Opinionated Peoples Challenge of the Month of March - all errors chris macrae alone:
    I ask myself why do I am so depressed when told that Yunus is only and internal (Bangla) matter -and welcome any clues you might also have RSVP )

    for me its joyfully simple mathematicially if not politically

    yunus and his team and 8 million women have since 1976 done more than any other group of people to discover -and open source - 3 of the 4 missing pieces of human sustainability IF that is what we are to locally invest globalisation in -and as all the economists I Know have mainly agreed since 1984 the 2010s is the last decade to make that choice

    3 of 4 maps of economics of human sustainability 

    1) Ten times more economic community models prooftested since 1976 

    2) internet generation use of tech of poor and job creation explored wonderfully since 1996 

    3) Partnerships with the world;s most resourced in potentially greatest purposes their sectors (such as milk banking chemicals water ..) could sustain . These are not just public private sector partnerships but mass mediated by youthful celebrations

    MISSING PIECE 4 -Changing Over-Government 
    change constitutions of government, professions and media from powering over to empowering ; from boundaries rules world to boundaries being mapped as where biggest risks lurk unless higher order of transparency and goodwill multiuplying is coded the way Einstein first noted to be the ultimate change world challenge of Gandhi's end of empire rule over India 

    its this missing system that is a worldwide matter not an internal one- and as disastrous timing would have it: right now there isn't a national congress anywhere that which will help the youth and all of us debate the consequence of spinning the first worldwide generation
    2:11 pm edt 

    Tuesday, March 22, 2011

    good news decade - 2010s Net Generation

    Every good news medium of joyful economics which we build to celebrate the life time knowledge multipliers of dr yunus and grassroots Bangladesh networking seems to me to involve a collaboration entrepreneur search for purpose-sustaining reporting teams. For example joyful social business energy reporting needs identification of the same worldwide reporting team be its channel focus that of a sub-editorial board of the journal of social business or the reporters that update short good news content reports interactively. This involves a new worldwide reporting system geared to hit googles headlines with exciting news which dr yunus specified last week -and which Naila can tell you more about as Grameen Solutions rapidly prototypes a "white box" that can be globally an locally replicated.

    Hossain Zillur Rahman, centre, former caretaker government adviser, launches the Journal of Social Business at National Press Club in Dhaka yesterday. Baqui Khalily, left, professor of finance at Dhaka University, and Zasheem Ahmed, right, managing editor of the journal, are also seen.

    Out of London,- 50 people met in The Economist boardroom in November - to discuss inter alia how to target europe's dormant bank accounts as potential social business funding of the youths exciting 2010s  and so worldwide as we celebrate yunus, olympics as queen elizabeths greatest celebration and Euroroyal families sustainability passions for their peoples' jobs, youth empowerment and all the best news of sustainability world in the next 18 months-  we invite your ideas on collaborations geared to evolving the Yunus Fund to be the biggest investment fund in the net generation and heroic 2020 goals

    It seems the first structural mediation question entrepreneurial revolutionaries and youth need to ask is : what are the top 10 development streams we need to connect expert social business reporters/analysts on?  Last February 3000 young people in paris -mainly fans of Yunus and Danone Communities - watched the 8 movie -whatif newsrooms like the BBC were competent at Social Business analysis istead of wall street groupthink. This reminded me of a social action commitment 50 of us made at a hub meeting in 2005 to call for the closing of the BBC if it didnt free the voivce of sustainabiloity analysts by summer olumpics 2012. As SB book 2 says The Time is Now.


    example 1 dfid will spend £250m per year for bangladesh until 2015 : I believe we want to ensure that correspondents questioning DFID, JICA and USAID dont just transform towards private-public sector partnerships that inspired by Yunus and led by Obama-Billary  Presidential Summits of E they have announced as their big news of recent months but partnerships in which youth (the colaborative productivity of the net generation)  are the core mediators

    what other 9 examples do you suggest we need to priortise search of reporting teams on?

    chris  Dc 1- 301 881 1655 skype chrismacraedc

    ps - mostofa as soon as the latest leaflet on Entrepreneurial Bangladesh is available in pdf form please attach it to all on this mail. Its wonderful timely news that Yunus-led Grameen is due to install its millionth solar unit this year

    Latest news linked to Solar Dialogues animated by Yunus in St James Feb 2008:
    Clarence House to Go Green

    2:28 am edt 

    2012.11.01 | 2011.03.01

    Link to web log's RSS file

    It would be great if we could put a team (forming different editorial sections as you would in a worldwide newspaper) on various content dimensions of how only yunus good news can connect net generation's exciting 2010s in urgent multi-win project maps across global villages

    as well as sources reporting advances connecting The Yunus Fund to millennium goals greatest races

    1 its anne duffills job to search out for the first 100 youth franchsies that are needed across europe (starting UK) as way of investing dormant accounts in social business- she already links in a lot of the bbc realtity tv games of entre4preneurship - eg dragons dens, jamie oliver, and soon

    2 we dont yet know zoe well enough in australia but I have a belief that the 10000 girl program - content on what do young women need to know about personal finace to be in control of their lives needs to replicate everywhere

    3,4 we already have the 2 outstanding yunus youth lens of monica's and out of paris -

    5 chris temple and mficonnect founders are starting a viral competition on if you clould show yunus round SB in your capiotal what woiuld you be proudest of guiding him to first

    6 sarah butler-sloss and prince charles are natural searched for "obama's 5 million green jobs" as well as asia pacific century being zero carbon zero nuclear led

    meanwhile the huge philanthropies of sarah's father and uncle are mainly uk youth-community; I would say that queen ez;izabeth's 2 life missions are UK youth-communities and worldwoide sustainability commonwelath

    so all these things are what 21st C world service bnest news can be about - see no reason why this should not become the number 1 good news action portal of exciting 2010s

    what's your wondrous good news foci?7 for icing on the cake google's africa program and lesley johannesburg are befriending each other as well as both inspired by youths number 1 mobile microcredit jamii bora (the main good news story queen sofia of spain and sam of microcreditsummit have been asking to delvelop content news on these last 2 years); and in my meeting with yu8nus last week he said getting funds foir africa is now prime time, as one would hope it6 will be to the future of obamas mission in life

    jamibora and brac are also sharing news on how to develop community radio station which presumably will have their own good news feeds we can select from

    I would like to see a future bbc in which 25% of evey main news cast was on good news and youth exciting 2010s races to goals- indeed I am completeing 7 yeras of arguing the bbc shopuld be closed if it can integrate this into its caharter as number 1 social busienss public broadcaster

    the only thing  could stop all this empowerment would be a character out of a shakespearan tragedy  ascending to superpower destroying yunus freedom of voice --- if we can make sure our "chatham house" event gets elders looking out for all mafia and badwill linkins to any such transparency disaster , we can hopefully collaborate in covering each other's back; on and off I have worked with jeff on huge investment projects where covering each other's back was needed and he and anne duffill are now almost geographic neighbours



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